We are constantly listening to users, care home managers and interior designers, gaining insight into the challenges faced in their roles and by the people they care for. This passion led us to create a range of luxury nursing beds that combine style with functionality. From the initial consultation to the aftercare, rest assured we are here for you.

We operate in the healthcare marketplace, creating and realising products for clinicians and care providers.

Our customers tell us they want products that are clinically effective at a price they can afford. By the way, we also know you want great customer service and products that go on and on and on

Configura Comfort chair
Configura Comfort chair

Specialist seating and riser recliner chairs for community equipment stores.

Configura is a range of specialist seating and riser recliner chairs, which are modular for adjustment before and after delivery in terms of size, pressure care and postural management. All Configura chairs have tilt-in-space mechanisms, integrated, interchangeable pressure care and interchangeable posture management options. The chairs are supported by nationwide joint visits and service back-up.

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Reducing bed falls and preventing injury is a top priority in care environments. The FloorBed® solution improves quality of life for the user, helps balance carer workload and can help reduce costs.

At its lowest setting, FloorBed® is just 7.1cm high - similar to a tennis ball, minimising serious injury if users fall out of bed. FloorBed® rises to full nursing height for care duties.


Turna, a powered in-bed patient turner, is a unique combination of a powered turning sheet and two bed rails. The system is controlled using a handset which rotates one roller at a time, causing the sheet to turn the person lying on it. This reduces the strain of turning a person as it is no longer just a manual task but a task that is controlled at the press of a button.

Turna is compatible with most profiling beds enabling greater flexibility.

(Subject to a risk assessment from an Accora Product Specialist)

Nursing Beds

We believe in nursing beds that look good. That’s why we have created an exclusive range of nursing beds, perfect for creating beautiful bedroom aesthetics in care environments.

FloorBed® 2

With an ultra-low mattress platform giving a height of only 70 mm, the FloorBed® 2 significantly reduces the risk of injury if users roll out of bed. The FloorBed® 2 boasts all features of a fully functioning profiling bed, and can be further enhanced aesthetically with the addition of a wooden surround to the head and footboard.

Configura Testimonial
My OT recently sourced me a new chair and I feel this has changed my life, it helps me with getting up to walk and also I can put my legs up to rest them. This helps me to get into my bed on my own at night which I couldn’t do before. The chair has given me my life and independence back.

- Heather,

Service User

Service testimonial
Brilliant online service making it easy to get a quick response to any questions that I asked. A transcript was emailed so I could access the questions that I had asked. The quote was equally prompt and another email sent straight back with another question, which was answered straight away. Brilliant service.

- Sally Dyos,

Occupational Therapist, Kent

FloorBed Testimonial
The most important thing for him [Michael] is that he is getting the best out of life as the increase in independence allows him to reach his maximum potential without assistance. The FloorBed® allows Michael to maintain his privacy in a safe way as there is no risk of entrapment under the bed; the bed allows him to have total free movement.

Occupational Therapist